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Moto 08:27
HDP 04:53
Mirror 03:05
Harvest 04:32
Drumsalona 04:04
Logorhythmic 07:52
The Return 08:05


Lorenzo Feliciati & Pat Mastelotto


Peeps, music peeps.

Peeps who like music. Lorenzo and I did this thing. Some mornings I just get up and play… Most mornings I’m setting up to play some other songs but I still need to play a little bit to get tones, get set up… Maybe get juices flowing… Sometimes I have an idea… Most times I don’t… I just play.

A year or two ago, maybe three, maybe even more… I started to send things to Lorenzo. He’s my buddy, I just love the shit he does- Makes any mix I do sound better. Anyway I guess around pandemic lockdown month two or three I kind of went “hey’?! What if…” FM as a name came easy that day I was mixing our initials around to come up with PORTAL… Made sense to us… I got Munyon over to help me with mixing..Somewhere on the path I had the idea to try and be a late night DJ introducing it (blame the cocktails) … I wasn’t sure. Later I tried it with Deborah and I liked it. So now we have this crazy idea to release the record twice - one is the songs, the other is the late night DJ version with dialogue and story companion to the music. Deb has stories. . lets see where this goes...


In the last 10 years my bass frequencies crossed their paths with Pat’s traps and buttons many many times. We’ve been onstage having fun creating creativity and grooves on the spot and we have created creative music being 8216 km away from each other. Normally you have a blank page when you compose on a drums piece. Not with Pat. His drums, and they way he uses them, are like melodic instruments creating a melody. So you get inspired and you interact with something powerful and deep and poetic. Like a night programme on a FM radio...


released December 4, 2020

Produced by: Lorenzo Feliciati and Pat Mastelotto

Pat Mastelotto: Drums, Percussion, looping, mixing
Lorenzo Feliciati: Bass, Upright, Guitar, Keyboards

Alessandro Gwis: Prophet on Not Responding Part 1, Piano and strings on Not Responding Part 2
Francesco Guerri: Cello on Harvest
Cuong Vu: Trumpet on Mirror
DJ Skizo: Scretches on HDP (Hyper Drama in Paris)

Mixed by: Bill Munyon and Pat Mastelotto

Cover art: 'Lost HiFi-Way' by Michael O'Connor from an idea by Lorenzo Feliciati

Pat thanks, for years of love and support: John, Garrison and Fuji at DW,
Tim and Christian at Paiste cymbals, Steve at Evans,
Ben at Vic Firth, John at Hammeraxe, Andrew at Roland,
Anne Paul & Louis Lemire at SIMM Audio, Jason at Bovid Perc., Kris at Big Fat Snare, and Mr. Morfbeats.


all rights reserved



Pat Mastelotto Austin, Texas

Pat Mastelotto is an American rock drummer and record producer who has worked with King Crimson, Mr. Mister, XTC, and The Rembrandts, and many others.

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